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My new years resolution has been to TRY NEW THINGS and I've been sticking to it by tasting new foods I would have never considered before. My goal is
to get you to try them too!

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My Name is ___ and I am a Pho-dict

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese combination soup of vietnamese noodles, meat, and vegetables.

My interest in pho began on my last visit to San Francisco when my Chinese friend suggested we go try some.  Amidst a 3 am craving fest I decided I had to have it!  (How do you crave something you’ve never had? I don’t know!  Behold the powers of pho!)  Luckily, there was a 24 hour pho shop nearby.  

Feeling brave, but not absolutely courageous, I opted to try the flank steak, which is just thin strips of steak.  Everyone also gets bean sprouts, lemon, onion, jalapenos and some herb such as parsley or basil.  

  • What it taste like:  Although the broth itself has a slightly sweet taste to it the overall dish is more salty.  The noodles and meat combined with the spiciness of the sauces do cartwheels on your tongue.  (Can you tell that I LOVE pho?)  Overall, the flavor is fairly mild depending on what you get.
  • So here’s how it goes:  Your soup comes HOT with your meat sitting inside.  The hot water cooks the flank and everything else you decide to add, so don’t daudle.  

  • How to eat Pho:  I like to start by adding both types of hot sauces, just enough to get a good fire going.  Keep in mind that the one with the seeds in it is much hotter.  I also like to add some of the brown sauce known as hoisin sauce.  You can try tasting your soup before adding these first but they really make it more delicious.  Then I dump in most of the bean sprouts, jalapenos, the herbs, and swoosh it all around with my chopsticks.


Pho is such a satisfying meal because it’s spicy, meaty, noodly, and soupy.  Some people swear that pho has brought them back from deathly sickness and that, at the very least, it’s cleared up their sinuses.  It’s quick, cheap, and fun to eat.  

The Cons:

Sometimes, pho restaurants tend to smell like the broth.  Don’t let this put you off.  Also, although they may never admit it, the broth that is used in pho has lots of msg.  It could be the msg, or it could be the slurping noises but everyone who tries it should be fully aware that pho is really really really addictive. 


Pho can come with chicken, fish, shrimp, or other seafood.   There are also combination plates that include flank, meatballs, steak, and brisket.  CAREFUL because the combo plates usually have sea weed type additions that don’t taste like anything but may seem strange to the pho novice.  

I love getting side dishes like chicken dumplings or egg rolls!

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