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Corner Bakery Cafe- Best Caesar Salad EVER!

So one thing that I love very dearly and always end up getting at least once in every restaurant I go to is … CAESAR SALAD!

The best I’ve ever had has been at the Corner Bakery Cafe in downtown Los Angeles. Have you ever CRAVED caesar salad?  I hadn’t either (despite my love for it) until I tried it one faithful day at this place.  

It might not look like much (at first I thought it would be bland and tasteless) but let me tell you, the chicken is PERFECTLY seasoned and cooked, and the home made dressing is absolutely exceptional.  It’s balanced too, not too salty or greasy, and the croutons, OMG the croutons! Perfect crunch and light garlic flavor.  

They also have amazing paninis (like the chicken pomodori panini in the picture) and home made soups.  At lunch it might seem to be really hectic, with loads of people from the office buildings nearby, but service is really fast and friendly.  

The atmosphere is cozy and bright and people are generally in a great mood.  I especially love how the seats are set up close to each other at certain locations so that you can make new friends if you want!

Definitely give this place a try when you’re in the neighborhood.  They also have locations in various cities around Los Angeles.  Mmmmm I can’t wait to try the pastries!

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